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  • Powerful vitamin & mineral blend
  • Zinc helps maintain testosterone & contributes to normal fertility levels 
  • Magnesium reduces fatigue, supports muscle function & maintains electrolyte balance
  • Vitamin B6 supports the immune system and metabolism
  • Convenient everyday capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Get a triple hit of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, all of which that play an important role in your everyday wellbeing, with our powerful patented ZMA® blend.

Zinc supports testosterone levels and contributes to normal fertility (1,2), while magnesium and vitamin B6 fight everyday tiredness and fatigue (3,4), and vitamin B5 and zinc maintain the immune system (5,6) - making our ZMA® a convenient way to support your overall health.

Working hard at the gym? Increased magnesium is on hand to support muscle function (6) and maintain electrolyte balance (7) – pushing up your performance levels.

Each ZMA® serving contains 150mg of magnesium, 10mg zinc and 3.5mg of vitamin B6, making it the perfect choice for active individuals. Our ZMA® supplement, easy -to-take capsules are also vegan-friendly, too.

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ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Aspartate) is a supplement consisting of three ingredients: Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, all of which play important roles in metabolism (4) and other bodily functions. People who exercise regularly have been shown to have low levels of zinc and magnesium, and this may explain why ZMA is so popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts (10).

Zinc is an essential nutrient found throughout the body that supports the immune system (6) and contributes to metabolism (9). It helps to maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood (1), supports fertility and reproduction (2), and plays a role in protein synthesis, cell replication, growth and wound healing. Zinc is not stored well by the body, so it’s important to obtain it daily from food or supplements.

Magnesium is a mineral which supports numerous chemical reactions in the body, including energy creation, protein formation, muscle function (7) and bone health. It can also help to reduce tiredness and fatigue (3) and contribute to electrolyte balance (8). Like zinc, magnesium can be lost through sweat, which may be why many athletes have lower levels of both elements.

Vitamin B6 (or pyridoxine) is a water-soluble vitamin found in many foods, such as salmon, chickpeas, fortified cereals, bananas and dark leafy greens. Like zinc, it supports the function of the immune system (5), and is also essential for the metabolic conversion of food into energy (4). Vitamin B6 is one of the eight B vitamins, which also include Vitamin B12 (or cobalamin), another popular dietary supplement.

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