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Clear Whey Protein Isolate

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Zero THC

GMO Free

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  • Over 23g protein per serving 
  • Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle
  • Low in sugar
  • Suitable for vegetarians


Tired of grainy, milky shakes? Now you can get a juicy boost of high-quality protein isolate with our Clear Whey Protein – it’s a quick, delicious and convenient formula ready to kick-start your recovery as protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle. (1)

Each fruity serving of Clear Whey Protein is packed with over 23g protein, helping you to grow and maintain important muscle (2), whether you’re looking to tone, grow muscle or just stay healthy. Our formula is low in sugar, making it the perfect choice for keeping your fitness goals and eating schedule on track.

Choose quality clear whey protein packed with mouthwatering taste – available in zingy Orange & Mango Flavour, Mixed Berry Flavour, and Tropical Flavour for a juicy whey protein alternative.

Check out our blog post to see our favourite refreshing drinks' recipes using our Clear Whey Protein Isolate: Clear Whey Protein: The Summer Protein Drink You Need


Delivering fresh, clean flavour, Clear Whey Protein is the perfect alternative to typically milky protein shakes – perfect if you’re getting tired of the same taste and thick texture. 

How is clear whey protein prepared? Produced through the acidification and purification of standard whey protein, it results in light shake that tastes more like fruit juice.

So, what should I use Clear Whey Protein for? It’s great for switching up your daily protein intake – giving your tastebuds a break from the heavy shake you’re used to with a refreshing boost throughout the day.

Looking to change up your fitness routine? Why not try our Grass-Fed Whey Protein or Vegan Protein Blend, too!

Clear Whey Protein Isolate reviews


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